​  Abraham is a first generation Syrian -Canadian with Aramaic roots born in Toronto.  Classically trained as a stage actor, he initially developed a passion for creation and for the written word as his ablest form of expressing his ideas and emotions.  His love for language was honed specializing in English as he graduated with Honours from the University of Toronto.  A Diploma from the George Brown Theatre Conservatory thereafter has led him to play on stages across Canada, taking his expressions from the page to the stage. 
    Combining his academic learning with his innate passion, Asto continues to write poetry, short stories and short scripts intent on sharing them with the world.  

    Now in Vancouver, Asto is continuously working on personal growth, which is fundamentally tied to growth as an actor.  His recent pursuit is stepping into the film and television industry, representing his under-represented community.
    As for the stage, he looks to create boundary pushing theatre that stimulates connection and conversation while engaging the audience emotionally, ideally leading to catharsis.

    His characters span from the villainous to the romantic lead; from the strong to the frail; tapping into life experiences and sharing the vulnerability.


    Using his passion as his paintbrush, Abraham looks to paint a picture to be emblazoned on the theatre and film canvas.